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Ichabod's Telescope

Ichabod's Telescope
And through his mighty telescope he peered into the heavens

The setting and time are irrelevant. The characters? only one important character. Ichabod, the mad scientist, with a whimsical will for world domination, no galactic domination. When one is born, from that moment on, they know if they will be the one to rule the heavens, and Ichabod new that. From birth he had been preparing himself for the day when he would step onto his throne, adorned with rare gems and jewels, surround by those who would love him and fear him, and would love to fear him and to fear to love him. he would hold their lives in his young hands. He would be a kind ruler though. One does not get enough gratitude from crushing minions. the very people who would help him obtain his position. What fun is it to rule the scared and terrified?

Ichabod still had some time to go though. at the age of 6 he new this. a 6 year old boy could not realisticly take over the whole galaxy. he had no means for interplanetary travel. He lacked the funding for a major space fleet. but all in due time. he had all he needed at this time. he had his map of the stars, and his telescope. And through his mighty telescope he peered into the heavens. He mapped and he plotted his course for domination. he planed it down to the very finest of details. First, earth. The rest would come much easier once he had the backing of the geo-alliance.

the only problem with ruling such a large vast place as a galaxy, is one is bound to make some enemies along the way. Ichabod knew this. Remember how Ichabod knew he was destined to be the ruler of the heavens? along with this precognition came one more. Not only was he to be the first ruler of the heavens, he was to be the first ruler of the heavens to be assassinated. Yes, he was to to be murdered. Ichabod knew this. He knew the place, the time, and who the assassin would be. He knew he would die by the dagger. He knew he would die and be missed. He knew he would die at the hands of his sister. His death was to be 13 years after his first day on the throne. 13 years to the day, to the second. The only thing he did not know was why. why would one of his own put him to such an end? why would a member of his high council act so foolishly? would she want the throne? no, he knew those where not her intentions, and beside after killing the ruler of the heavens, one does not go anywhere but straight to execution. His sister knew that. So what does one do in this situation, accept ones fate. accept the fact that he knows the day he die and at whos hands he will die at. that is the question we are all faced with. do we accept our fate?

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